One Health

Toitu te whenua whatungarongaro he tangata.

The land remains when people have disappeared.

We believe New Zealand has the opportunity to go beyond branding the beauty of landscapes, into showcasing what originates from those landscapes.

This is One Health. This is Regenerative Agriculture. This is why Ahikā Journeys exists.

About One Health

New Zealand has established itself on the strength of a clean, green image drawn mostly from the beauty, health and grandeur of its landscapes, waterways and clear air.

Much of New Zealand’s land and waterways are used for agriculture and production. To date, the link between the tourism economy and the agri-based economy has not been successfully married or managed in a regenerative way.

In many parts of the world, aspects of agriculture is perceived as harmful to the environment, with practices such as intensification impacting waterways, adding pollution to the air and reducing the long-term effectiveness or lifespan of productive land.

New Zealand, however, has a number of positive initiatives in place – regionally and nationally – supporting improvements and identifying better ways of operating.

One such initiative is One Health. Ahikā Journeys has adopted the principles of One Health as it aligns to our belief that with the right practices and vision in place, agriculture can be regenerative and sustainable. An approach that can benefit the land, the animals, environment and the communities who work in and around rural properties.’ Ahikā Journeys is looking to put the culture back into agriculture – showcasing the symbiosis between land, life and culture (families, people, food and more).

 So what is One Health?

It is a virtuous self-reinforcing cycle that helps to improve the reputations of New Zealand producers within this country and beyond. It is about focussing not just on the monetary value of the agri-sector but also the esteem in which products are held. We believe this is communicated through the relationship producers have with the land.

Ahikā utilises the One Health framework to effectively set farming standards and mechanisms to review and help support the properties involved. Through One Health we help focus on developing systems for:


This aspect focusses on regenerative farming practices, reducing air pollution and waste management

See more on regenerative practices below.


Developing a sustainable water catchment management plan, that involves testing and not just adherence to industry standards but excelling in them.


Taking a proactive risk-based animal health and welfare planning approach. This aspect requires properties to adhere to the core concepts which the NZ Animal Welfare Act (1999) is founded on:

  • Proper and sufficient food
  • Proper and sufficient water
  • Adequate shelter
  • Opportunity to display normal patterns of behaviour
  • Physical handling in a manner which minimises the likelihood of unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress
  • Proactive documented animal health plans that are annually reviewed and risk assessed by a veterinarian to ensure protection from, and rapid diagnosis of, any significant injury or disease, – being a need which, in each case, is appropriate to the species, environment, and the circumstances of the animal.

Or more simply, proactive animal husbandry that results in truly happy animals.


Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace where a team feels supported, encouraged and rewarded is just part of this aspect of One Health. It is also about the flow on effect of a rural entity on suppliers, guests and the broader community that supports or, through employment, is supported by a rural property. One Health properties take care to ensure involvement with the community as valuable and respected contributors to the overall health of their rural property.

Agriculture is not the end in itself: it is part of a value chain that culminates in consumption – but to be successful we need to ensure our landscapes, our people and the animals are nurtured.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Ahikā is the Māori word related to sustaining the fire and keeping home fires burning.  Ahikā is the burning fire of occupation, over generations.

To us, Ahikā is sustaining the health of the land, through continuous care, for this generation and the next and for the benefit of all.

Regenerative Agriculture is enshrined in the concept of Ahikā. It is the system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds and enhances ecosystems

Regenerative Agriculture is the practice, process and management, inspired by natural design which serves to enhance the functioning of the core ecosystem cycles of energy, water and land. In other words, anything that makes the land healthier year after year.

And Regenerative Agriculture must evolve over time, like the whole living systems that we aim to regenerate.

Core principles around Regenerative Agriculture allow

  • The improvement of whole AgroSystems
  • Creation of specific designs and decisions that express the individual essence of each farm.
  • The development of fair and reciprocal relationships among all stakeholders.
  • The growth and evolution of individuals, farms and communities to express their own innate potential.

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