Discover Local, Our Way

From the start of each day to the end, life is connected to the land.

Food is sourced locally and crafted lovingly. Picnics are packed and tables set in gardens, by rivers, atop mountain ranges, amongst family and friends. We work hard for our rewards and we savour them.

This is local, our way.


Tours range from two hours to a full day and are custom designed.

  • Food, wine and distillery tours
  • Luxury 4WD tours
  • Coastal adventures
  • Technical or educational tours
  • Premier deer tours
  • Sheep and beef tours

All itineraries are designed to suit individual requirements.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverage experiences differ by locality. Ahikā Journeys connects you with premium winemakers, award-winning distillers, food writers, chefs, local food producers and more.

Discover local markets and eateries, or even cook from the gardens of one of our homesteads alongside a local chef.


The best kind of luxury comes from truly authentic experiences. The immersion option invites you to live and experience life on one of our properties, alongside our worldly hosts.

Rest and relax in the evenings, fish during the day or even try your hand at farming. Immersion allows you to truly slow and release.

Let us create an exclusive
experience for you

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