About Ahikā

This Land. Our Philosophy.

Reconnecting people with the land and culture, because the land is our future.

Ahikā Story

Ahikā is a Māori word that talks of the challenges of keeping the home fires burning, over generations. 

Ahikā Journeys aims to meet those challenges through sustaining the health of the land by connecting land, life and local. For us it is about continuous care of the land, for this generation and the next; for the benefit of all. 

New Zealand is a land renowned for its horticulture, agriculture, food production, vineyards and more – industries that support trade both domestically and abroad.

These industries, however, also support communities, and within these communities, down the long winding driveways, there are people with stories to be told and a love of the land that has to be shared.

We began Ahikā Journeys so discerning travellers, from around the globe, could connect with the custodians of this productive land. So they could immerse themselves in life on the land, meet the people and experience fine fare. This is where home fires burn and passions run deep.

We offer discerning travellers a unique opportunity to enter the life and home of some of New Zealand’s most exclusive working rural properties; many of which are opening their doors for the first time.

Ahikā Difference

With Ahika Journey’s no two experiences are there same. We custom design experiences to suit individual needs, working to develop an itinerary that seamlessly fits with the rest of your trip.

The properties and hosts have been handpicked because of their commitment to the health of the land, animals and communities.

We select individual properties for their excellence but also for their ability to offer our guests something extraordinary, whether as a tour, in food or beverages or immersion.

Ahikā Journeys is led by farmers with over 100 years of combined farming experience and more than six generations of connectedness to the land.

One Health

Underpinning our philosophy of reconnecting the people with land and culture, are the concepts of One Health and regenerative farming.

One Health is an integrated approach that focuses on creating healthy ecosystems for water, the environment, animals and the people (communities). It seeks to ensure symbiotic relationships between each of these for the benefit of this generation and the next.

Ahikā Journeys incorporates the philosophy of One Health to ensure the presentation of rural properties encompasses these philosophies. For us, it is about maintaining high standards of sustainability on the land, and as these properties relate to the New Zealand tourism industry.

We aim not to have people just participating in activities on the land (viewing iconic landscapes and outdoor-based activities, for example), but also to participate in activities that are of the land (the processes, the people, the fare that is produced).

Go to our One Health page to read more about our approach to regenerative practices and the One Health paradigm.

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